Special Issues van Kennis voor Klimaat

Special Issue: Climate Proof Fresh Water Supply in Coastal Areas and Deltas in Europe published in the journal Water Resources Management. Volume 31, Issue 2, January 2017

Issue Editors: Ad Jeuken, Mette Termansen, Marco Antonellini, Theo Olsthoorn, Eelco van Beek

ISSN: 0920-4741 (Print)  1573-1650
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Knowledge for Climate theme: Fresh water


Special Issue, published in the Journal of Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2015, Volume 20, Issue 6, by theme 1: Climate Proof Flood Risk Management of Knowledge for Climate.

Editors: Frans Klijn, Bruno Merz, Edmund C. Penning-Rowsell, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

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Special Issue 'The governance of adaptation to climate change: a European comparative perspective'.

In: Journal of Water and Climate Change, 2015, issue 06-1 by the Governance of Adaptation theme of Knowledge for Climate. All articles have been peer reviewed. 


Special Issue 'Climate adaptation in cities, Building and Environment'

In Building and Environment
Volume 83, Pages 1-188 (January 2015)
Edited by Ronald Albers, Peter Bosch and Bert Blocken

Special Issue 'Sustainable cultivation and exploitation of halophyte crops in a salinizing world'

In Environmental and Experimental Botany (August 2013)
V 92 Pages 1-196
(Rozema et al. editor)


Gezamenlijke Special Issue Klimaat voor Ruimte en Kennis voor Klimaat:
'From climate research to climate compatible development: experiences and progress in the Netherlands'

In Regional Environmental Change (Springer Publishers)
Volume 14, Issue 3, June 2014
Guest editors: Jeroen A. Veraart, Kim van Nieuwaal, Peter P. J. Driessen, Pavel Kabat